Saturday, March 21

Swarm Removal

In my browsing of bee-related sites, I came across Bill Owens' Swarm Removal website. He is a beekeeper in Georgia and, like many accomplished beekeepers, offers the service of removing swarms from homes, public buildings, etc. (All of these links from my favorite bee-site on the web, Beekeeper Linda.) He has excellent photography of sites he's worked at. The photos are daunting, and I have spent some serious time marveling at them from my desk.

What a job that must be! I am both completely awestruck by the work the bees have done in these places and simultaneously terrified at the thought of having to be in the position of the beekeeper who is going to remove them. Wow.

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emi savacool said...

hey jacqui! i'm excited to see more updates on the bees. your story about the winter bee has partially inspired a jewelry piece of mine. (that and this photo:

can't wait to see you at the opening! xoxoxo