Friday, March 20


It was pretty mild on Wednesday, and had it not been so windy, I'd have opened the hive up for a spring inspection. Alas, it's March, and any day off I've had has been either windy or drizzly or cold... no fun for bees.
I was surprised to see so much industrious movement at the hive. It seemed as though they never stopped - they were so active and it was so familiar. Naturally, I was elated. I made a list of the things I can now prepare for, knowing that they'd made it through the winter.
They were gathering pollen - as I'd seen a few days before - and it seemed to be in two shades: a bright, orange-y yellow and a dusty green color. (In the photo above, you can see the bees' pollen baskets full of the green color pollen.) I want to learn what plants are providing them with so much pollen so early in the spring.

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